New Medicine Journal Cover...

Good evening to all, just wanted to share with you the start of my newest Medicine Journal. I will finish sewing the back and spine on tomorrow and then begins the process of prepping the interior pages for artwork and writing. I wanted to share the process with you and then I will share some of my inside pages as well so we can have another Divine Medicine Journal Workshop soon! It has been a while...we just moved back to the desert a few weeks ago and there has been lots going on! Hope you have a beautiful evening,
In love & light,


The Divine Medicine Journal Workshop # 4

Greetings my friends, It has been quite a while since my last post. Lots of life stuff going on and I have just been busy! I hope you enjoy this months entry and as always please share with me your entries as I would love to see them at your blog as I know everyone else would too!
With love,

This time we will explore painting either yourself, an inspirational figure or muse, loved one or someone new, within a favorite place or setting.
My Fairy is in the garden which I love, yours may be:
-a beach
-under the moon and stars
-in a forest
-the desert...
whatever place you enjoy escaping to here or within your mind.

Step 1:
Choose whatever your favorite paper is or a new page from your journal. I have started creating pages separate from my actual journal and then when I have a full signature complete, I simply sew it into my own handmade journal. Maybe I can share that with you next lesson if you are interested. To prepare my page I first added some various old letters and pages from an old book with Golden Soft Gel Matte. Once dry, I added a nice layer of Gesso over the entire page.

Step 2:
When the Gesso was still wet I pulled my colors and started adding them to the paper blending it all with my hands and fingers, it really does soften the look and does not show brush strokes. Set aside and let dry.

*Just a couple more samples of the same technique on a full pages. Sorry for the darkness of some of the photos, it was raining the day I did this and I tried to brighten it as best I could but still allow you to see the actual colors.

Step 3:
Roughly draw your image in pencil or pen upon the page and start painting. I used Shiva Paint Sticks for the entire image and added various flower elements. The original is entitled "Garden Thoughts". Enjoy!

The Divine Medicine Journal Workshop #3

Happy Saturday everyone! I am truly sorry, I know I said I was going to have this up last Saturday but time just got away from me-since I had the surgery it seems like I have been doing nothing but running to catch up! Please enjoy this months journal entry!

This month I decided to have us focus on an iconic figure that influences your life. The definition of an Icon is this:
a picture, image, or other representation.
a representation of some sacred personage, as Christ or a saint or angel and venerated itself as sacred.

This can mean many things to many people, so think of someone that is sacred to your life at this time. Icons can change based upon our own circumstances and the situations we find ourselves in so focus on who you might like to bring as a presence more into your life and space. Enjoy!

Step 1: Add a light coat of gesso to your page and allow to dry. I added a light wet wash of sky blue to the background page, let it dry. I then finger painted a light parchment colored paint around the edges of the page and smeared and blended it with my finger. I then added a section of whitewash where the image was going to go. When it was dry I then drew my image in light pencil on the page and added some more blue paint to the edges of my newly drawn image with a wet brush. This makes it easier to have a base coat of white when you start painting the details of the face.
Step 2. This time I tried something a little different. I used my finger only and used Oil Painstiks in Sandstone for her face and Raw Umber for her hair. They are really fun to use if you like finger painting type of art like I like to do! =) I ended up liking how I could see some of the white through and the texture that was coming through from my wash of gesso. It reminded me of an old renaissance painting.
Step 3. I then came through and added some paint to her hair, blush, shading and shadow to her features and added blue to her eyes and a mauve color to her lips. I was going to paint the halo over her head a bright blue or turquoise but at the last minute decided to create it out of a vintage Latin book page. I glued that on with Matte Medium and allowed to dry.
Step 4. I then added a heavier blush to her cheeks, finished the eyes and added some interest to the page surrounding her. I also added my favorite gilded paste and a rubber stamp in a medieval font. I used a gold pen to add the decorative style around her head.


New Journal Entry Posting Soon...

Sorry my dear friends for the delay in our journal entries, the last few months have been filled with doctor appointments and tests and I ended up having surgery last week to remove my gallbladder-they ended up taking out my appendix too! So I am heading happily down that road to recovery and am anxious to share with you our next entry. Until then, have a beautiful weekend!
With love,


The Divine Medicine Journal Workshop #2

Good afternoon my dear friends! This month I would like for us to explore the coming of Spring in the form of the Goddess that resides in each one of us.
Spring is a time of:


In reading all of these amazing aspects, know that they all reside in each of you. This entry explore drawing the Spring Goddess, the Maiden of Spring within you and allow any, all, or any of other qualities to be your inspiration for your page. See her as yourself and then allow her to speak to your heart:
My quote that came forward after the page was complete was:

The Spring Goddess awakens bringing blessings of hope, renewal, healing and a rebirth of life.

Enjoy this months Medicine Journal page and please do email me if you would like to share your page with me and all of us when you are ready. I apologize, I had some of you email me yours and I have been so busy the last few weeks I have not yet had a moment to get them posted on last months page. They are now below to share!
With love and joy,

Step 1: Add a wash of gesso to your page(s) and let dry.

Step 2: Paint your pages with an off white or parchment colored paint. Once dry add some collage elements such as torn pages from an old book-that is what I used above-vintage images, sheet music, receipts...whatever you wish, just note that it will also be mostly painted over with the next color. To add your collage elements I used Modge Podge, you can use gel medium if you wish as well.

Step 3: I chose two shades of lavender for my background, one was slightly darker to give some depth. I used a slightly damp paint brush to add the first coat, going lighter over the added vintage pages for them to show through a bit, you can go over them even less if you like the look of it. My advice, go lighter first because you can always go darker. I added some of the darker shade to the edges and some of the middle of the pages. Before the paint dried I took the end of a pencil eraser and smudged off circles here and there for another texture to the background. I also used a wet/damp paper towel over my index finger to pick up some of the paint where I wanted to. I smeared it off, dabbed it off, just had fun and played. I know I always say this-but have fun, let go and experiment. The great thing is that if you dont like the way an area turned out-cover it with a flower, butterfly or any other collage element!

Step 4: Next I drew my Spring Goddess, I only drew her face this time and a very basic outline of where her hair was going to fall around her face. I knew I wanted roses and flowers in her hair so at this point those collage elements are just sitting on top of the page so that I can plan out where I will need her hair color and how many flowers I will need. I also added a wash of titanium white to her face so that I had a good base to cover the lavender paint below her. She is just drawn in pencil right now.

Step 5: Now I have painted her hair and actually glued on the collage flower elements. I have also painted her face, eyes and lips, nothing more, I have not added any shading or finished the hair. Dont be overly concerned about the hair as you could completely cover the area of her hair with flowers, branches, leaves, butterflies, etc.!

Step 6: Now for the fun part! I start to add flower, branch and leaf stamps in green and brown all around the pages. I wanted it to appear as if she was behind a bunch of leaves and branches, covering her body. I added the two butterflies as well.

Step 7: Now the pages have come to life even more. I have now finished her face, added blush, finished her eyes and lips. I have smeared some of the leaves and branches to give them more depth and distressing. I have also used my finger in the brown inkpad to add that color around the entire pages plus I have added gold rub and buff, (something I use in almost every page!).

Step 8: Here is the final page with the Spring Goddess with my quote written around her. Later today I will fill the other side with my own journal entry for the day! I hope you enjoyed this months journal page!