The Divine Medicine Journal Workshop #1

Welcome to the first entry of the Divine Medicine Journal workshops, I am so grateful you are here! For this first journal page I wanted us to explore this statement:

**Paint your feelings, emotions or thoughts for the upcoming new year-are you Joy-Full, Fearless, Hopeful, Excited, Anxious, Determined, Spiritual, Awakened...**

For this worshop you will need a journal, paints, pens, pencils, rubber stamps/stencils, stamp pads, collage elements or images. These are suggested supplies and since this is your creation you can use whatever you wish! Dont think too much on anything, create from deep within your heart. So pick your color palette and lets get started...

A little Inspiration...

Some beautiful textile stamps that I LOVE....

STEP #1:
This is just me but I like to use many different kinds of papers in my handmade journals. Some pages are watercolor, some are handmade textile pages, while others are more like cardstock. I paint on all of it! Experiment with as many types as you can to find your favorites! When I have a bundle of painted journal pages I sew that signature into my handmade journal. Obviously you dont have to do your Medicine Journal this way, whatever works for you is perfect! So above is my blank page and I have applied two coats of Gesso over it and allowed it to dry for a few minutes. This gives a nice even base especially on this particular watercolor paper I am using above. It has alot of groves and texture, (but I just love the deckled edges!)

Next I sketch my drawing onto the page, some prefer to do this after the background has gone on and that is fine too. I used a simple drawing of a woman that will represent myself and my feelings for the new year. I am feeling both Hopeful and determined this year and wanted the facial expression to show that in this drawing. I can hear you now-but Joanna, I cant draw faces or I cant draw people-you can, you just need practice! If you are more comfortable-cut out pages of women or men from fashion magazines to use and altar the picture in whatever way comes to you. Also, you can use collage elements like birds, animals, trees, the ocean, mountains, the moon, the sun etc. etc.!

*TIP: Just a recommendation if you have not already done this is to start collecting images that really speak to you, place them in files for future use in your journal and collage work.

This is the start of the background-I chose a light lavender and light blue color and literally finger painted the two colors together. That is one of my secrets to most of my paintings-I almost always finger paint the backgrounds (okay, okay, please dont say "No wonder!") I like it, it makes me happy and reminds me of being a kid again! Just try it, even if it is for this one page, see how it turns out.

While the background fingerpaint art is drying I start on the face and hair. For this painting I used acrylics diluted slightly with water, I always start that way to get a base color down and then build from there using more paint and less water. I like the highlights it creates and frankly you can always go darker and build the color but you cant go backwards! She is starting to look a little hopeful-looking to the future.

Now for my favorite part! Break out your stamp pads, stamps, stencils, charcoal pencils, markers collage elements, whatever you want. I finished up the details on her face, I am never one for perfection, the entire image took me less than 15 minutes to paint and finish. If I spend too long on it, I mess with it too much and then I end up ruining it! =)
I then chose a border stamp and used the distress ink in Walnut (my favorite!) and then rubbed it around all the edges. I added a background stencil to the page and used a small amount of charcoal pencil around the edges and her hair as well. I added a butterfly fairy wing to her and stamped her shirt with rubber stamps.

Lastly I chose my emotions, thoughts, feelings for 2010 and typed them into my computer with various fonts and sizes. I then printed the page out and used scissors to cut them out and glue them to the page. Some words I used alphabet stamp pads as well. I allowed them to dry and used more ink to distress around the edges, this time with a green stamp pad.

Have fun everyone and if you feel like sharing I would love to post any images you send me on this blog. Email them to
I would also love to hear how you liked the workshop and any comments or recommendations you may have!

Lots of love to you all!


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and visiting my OWOH event! It was a pleasure to meet you!

    I am definitely coming back to read more of your blog.... I am very interested in learning the art of reiki and the medicine journal sounds intriguing... adding you to my reader!


  2. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial!! And I'm a big believer in energy healing! I'll definitely be following you!!

  3. I'm so glad I visited Joanna! This tutorial is wonderful. Will be visiting again. I note several textile stamps you have photographed - are these tjaps? Can you email me to source? Thank you.

  4. Thank you for your visit to Natures Whispers. it is such a joy to discover your log. I love the idea of your workshop. i may have to pop over and join in the fun. I will certainly e back to visit x

  5. Hi - I found you on another (one world) blog, and glad I did! looking forward to studying your tutorial in more detail.
    take care!

  6. That was fun! I like the idea of a Medicine Journal. I am very interested in shamanic art and this was the prompt I needed to get going. I'll be sending you my page.

    Bright blessings.

  7. fantastic tutorial and brilliant art work. i am now an official fan
    hugs June xxxx

  8. I love your art! So pretty, your paintings. And to think I might never have see them had I not been on this Magic Carpet Ride! I have linked my blog to yours. Hope you don't mind. Blessings Eden

  9. Thanks for visiting and following all I have to say is yayyyyy for journalers!!!!!! I love this one! I will be back to visit much as well!!!!!you are entered!

  10. Thank you for dropping by for tea and entering my OWOH giveaway :) I love your art work, love your blog and your workshops are excellent, I am now a follower and hope to visit often :)

  11. I loved following along with you on this journey. All of your images here are inspiring. Those jars of color look so good I wanna eat 'em up! I can't wait until the sun comes up tomorrow so I can make some art!

    I agree - they certainly can draw faces, it just takes practice!


  12. always so lovely Rowan....Miss you! Luna

  13. Dear Joanna, thank you from the bottom of my heart for waking a sweet rememberance of something comparable to your book pages I made aeons ago, when I was still a very young girl. I just had the idea tickle me to take up this journal again and continue it now, about 40 years later... Your Blog here is so very sweet and inspiring - I will love to come back. Kind regards, Martina

  14. I feel very lucky indeed to have found your blog. I am new to art journaling & very keen to learn. Your tutorial is inspiring & I can't wait to have ago. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations. Best wishes & Happy crafting. Gez.xx


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