New Journal Entry Posting Soon...

Sorry my dear friends for the delay in our journal entries, the last few months have been filled with doctor appointments and tests and I ended up having surgery last week to remove my gallbladder-they ended up taking out my appendix too! So I am heading happily down that road to recovery and am anxious to share with you our next entry. Until then, have a beautiful weekend!
With love,


  1. We're holding the space for you to heal siStar... it's ok... you are loved... 1111 LL

  2. don't worry about anything! we are still here waiting for you!

  3. You have a beautiful weekend, too. Keep healing at your own pace, Joanna.

  4. Ohhhhhhhh myyyy....I have had that particular surgery so I know exactly how you felt prior. You poor dear.......well, rest up and be very good to yourself...and also stay away from the foods that bothered you prior as the system acts up quite oddly even after removing the offending gallbladder...for a while anyhow.
    I send you love and many hugs...

    xox Rella


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