The Divine Medicine Journal Workshop # 4

Greetings my friends, It has been quite a while since my last post. Lots of life stuff going on and I have just been busy! I hope you enjoy this months entry and as always please share with me your entries as I would love to see them at your blog as I know everyone else would too!
With love,

This time we will explore painting either yourself, an inspirational figure or muse, loved one or someone new, within a favorite place or setting.
My Fairy is in the garden which I love, yours may be:
-a beach
-under the moon and stars
-in a forest
-the desert...
whatever place you enjoy escaping to here or within your mind.

Step 1:
Choose whatever your favorite paper is or a new page from your journal. I have started creating pages separate from my actual journal and then when I have a full signature complete, I simply sew it into my own handmade journal. Maybe I can share that with you next lesson if you are interested. To prepare my page I first added some various old letters and pages from an old book with Golden Soft Gel Matte. Once dry, I added a nice layer of Gesso over the entire page.

Step 2:
When the Gesso was still wet I pulled my colors and started adding them to the paper blending it all with my hands and fingers, it really does soften the look and does not show brush strokes. Set aside and let dry.

*Just a couple more samples of the same technique on a full pages. Sorry for the darkness of some of the photos, it was raining the day I did this and I tried to brighten it as best I could but still allow you to see the actual colors.

Step 3:
Roughly draw your image in pencil or pen upon the page and start painting. I used Shiva Paint Sticks for the entire image and added various flower elements. The original is entitled "Garden Thoughts". Enjoy!