The Divine Medicine Journal Workshop #3

Happy Saturday everyone! I am truly sorry, I know I said I was going to have this up last Saturday but time just got away from me-since I had the surgery it seems like I have been doing nothing but running to catch up! Please enjoy this months journal entry!

This month I decided to have us focus on an iconic figure that influences your life. The definition of an Icon is this:
a picture, image, or other representation.
a representation of some sacred personage, as Christ or a saint or angel and venerated itself as sacred.

This can mean many things to many people, so think of someone that is sacred to your life at this time. Icons can change based upon our own circumstances and the situations we find ourselves in so focus on who you might like to bring as a presence more into your life and space. Enjoy!

Step 1: Add a light coat of gesso to your page and allow to dry. I added a light wet wash of sky blue to the background page, let it dry. I then finger painted a light parchment colored paint around the edges of the page and smeared and blended it with my finger. I then added a section of whitewash where the image was going to go. When it was dry I then drew my image in light pencil on the page and added some more blue paint to the edges of my newly drawn image with a wet brush. This makes it easier to have a base coat of white when you start painting the details of the face.
Step 2. This time I tried something a little different. I used my finger only and used Oil Painstiks in Sandstone for her face and Raw Umber for her hair. They are really fun to use if you like finger painting type of art like I like to do! =) I ended up liking how I could see some of the white through and the texture that was coming through from my wash of gesso. It reminded me of an old renaissance painting.
Step 3. I then came through and added some paint to her hair, blush, shading and shadow to her features and added blue to her eyes and a mauve color to her lips. I was going to paint the halo over her head a bright blue or turquoise but at the last minute decided to create it out of a vintage Latin book page. I glued that on with Matte Medium and allowed to dry.
Step 4. I then added a heavier blush to her cheeks, finished the eyes and added some interest to the page surrounding her. I also added my favorite gilded paste and a rubber stamp in a medieval font. I used a gold pen to add the decorative style around her head.